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Smart Money is a reputable debt management and settlement company, we work with our clients to assist them with streamlining their outstanding invoices and accounts receivables. We offer tailor made solutions based on case-by-case requirements. 

Running a successful account receivable department requires a systematic workflow with the correct human resources and infrastructure. Companies do not always have the resources to provide proper follow up and continuous monitoring. Smart Money can ensure that all outstanding payments are managed accordingly.

Smart Money strives to achieve continued growth through innovation and training in order to provide customised services according to the client’s needs. We perform our work according to the laws and regulations enforced by the UAE, all in accordance to the Islamic law principle.

Smart Money’s team comprises of administrators, legal advisors and financial consultants whom all have extensive experience within the UAE and GCC region, legal institutions and in debt management. The team ensures to understand each clients requirements and needs within the organization.

Smart Money?

Smart Money provides services in claim recovering proceedings within the United Arab Emirates and GCC Region. We pride ourselves with being able to offer a full spectrum of integrated services to our clients. 

Our team is fully equipped, qualified and trained to manage all types of clients and their customers, regardless of the debt management requirements. Claim recovery plans and schedules are tailor-made as per requirements and time frames.

We continuously aim to improve and work on developing our internal systems, to keep abreast of the evolving market, laws and processes in order to professionally advise our clients.

Smart Money can manage your debtors fully, partly or on debt collection project basis.

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Smart Money has proved itself over the years as a prominent company within its field within the region, very accomplished in credit evaluation, and debt management, finding the appropriate means to control clients debtors funds and ways to pursue funds either movable properties, vehicles or real estate within the region and neighboring countries.


Most companies cannot devote the time, resources and efforts needed to manage a successful receivables’ department. Smart Money, as your trusted partner can help to improve your cashflow by managing your portfolio of account receivables.

Smart Money uses a tailor-made solution for better control over your business’s receivable process. We apply well defined collection processes and policies across your credit portfolio.

With our account receivable services, you set the timelines, collection targets and determine the goals, while we meet your exceptions and collect the funds, because as we believe, a sale is not a sale until it is paid for.

Smart Money can facilitate quicker payments and improved cashflow. Once the targets and goals are defined, we can shorten the payment timeline. At the same time you can increase control over your accounts with weekly updates and monthly reports.


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By outsourcing your debt collection services to Smart Money you can keep the door open for additional business from existing customers, since we maintain a neutral approach when collecting funds. At the same time, you save money by only paying for results.

By offering tailor-made solution and providing a hands on approach, Smart Money successfully makes the impossible possible, by solving and managing debt collection cases.

Through Smart Money’s experts and local know-how of processes and procedures and a history of successful clients we can truly say that our debt collection methods work and have proven to be  successful within the GGC region.

Smart Money has the resources available to issue legal proceedings against the debtor in various jurisdictions with the region.


Smart Money initiates the process, where we start by submitting the case at the Police station in order to initiate criminal proceeding against the defaulter and then onto the Public Prosecutor for further investigation, we follow the process until we receive a judgement or we may need to arrange for the court conciliation after we ensure that the debtor has processed the outstanding payments.

Payment Plan

Smart Money will always initially try to work with defaulters in an amicable way and negotiate on a payment plan for outstanding and aged debts. These debts must be paid according to the approved payment plan and enforced. Smart Money has the expertise to ensure the payment plans are enforced and the funds are recouped.


Smart Money operates an efficient and well run organization in managing clients accounts receivables, we oversee the process from the invoice to the collection. We ensure the process is managed with efficiency and within a timely manner.

Smart Money creates a system that allows us to remind customers when they have a payment around the corner. Reminders are essential in keeping a consistent reminder on the due date and that the payments are due.

Through creative communication, Smart Money is able to be attentive with the debtors, knowing there business and keeping a consistent communication channel with them to create a lasting relationship.


Smart Money can provide various solutions to clients to protect their business, and mitigate risk, with support of official documents. These documents can be added to the initial contract and payment plan to enforce payment.

In case, the debtor defaults to make the agreed payment, then the debtor can be subject to imprisonment without penalty. Non-fufillment of payment with support of official documents, will be considered a breach of trust in the UAE. This means that it will be considered a criminal case automatically, to ensure debtors compile with the payment plan.

Credit Rating

Smart Money in cooperation with its partner company, CRESCO Compliance, provides credit rating reports to clients. These credit reports facilitate and identity credit history of third parties, both, individuals and businesses. The information is supported by banks, the UAE Central Bank, finance companies and telecommunication companies.

The score changes according to credit payment behaviour, a low score indicates a high risk, while a high score indicates low risk.

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